What Makes a Great Voice Over Artist?

Well, We Make Great Voice Artists! but Lets Look Deeper Than That

The great thing about being a voice over artist is that you have so many palettes to choose from. Everything from audiobooks, cartoons and video games, to commercials, promos and corporate presentations, and about a dozen other genres, too.

This Edge Studio website will tell you almost everything voice artists need to know, including the various genres and many, many tips. And the rest, the budding voice over artist will learn in our workshops and private coaching sessions.

So let's focus here on the "artist" part.

Are you a voice over artist? Can you become one? How does a voice over artist get jobs?

As you probably realize, any voice over performer is politely referred to as a "voice over artist." It's flattering, and that in itself can give you a certain level of confidence that helps your performance.

But let's take it beyond that -- to actual artistry.

As with a painter, designer or other "art" training, if you are interested in this field at all, you probably have some aptitude. But any painter, even a house painter, also needs significant training in the profession -- particularly if they want to stand out from the crowd.

No, we're not touting our classes and private coaching. Not just, anyway.

Our point here is that there is a certain "joy" in discovering what more you can do with your inherent ability. How far you can take it. And how many people in the casting community, business world, and the world in general, will respect your ability to interpret text and make it meaningful to them.

The end result may surprise you. If you're a female voice over artist, you may have a great future as a little kid or teenager. A male voice over artist with a golden throat might even need to tone it down. After all, you'll often (even usually) be asked to portray real characters. And most real people don't have a voice like that.

Transforming yourself is an enlightening experience. And points the way to more. Your chosen voice over genre is the palette. You are the canvas.

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