Audition Recording

Increase Your Odds Of Winning Your Next Voice Over Job With a Custom Audition.
It's easy: Just ask us to direct and/or record your audition.

via telephone or in-studio

We have a very, VERY high success rate: Those who audition here usually win the job.

  • you supply the audition script, we supply the studio (or we call you) and engineer/director
  • prepare technique for multiple deliveries
  • gain confidence
  • walk-away with mp3's

Use the techniques we cover in your future auditions.

  • commercials
  • narrations
  • specialty genres (audiobook, cartoon, commercial,...)

Want help with your audition?

1. Choose the instructor you'd like to work with
2. Skype, Tele-coaching or In-studio
3. Win more work!


  • Setting: In studio, Tele-session, or Skype
  • Instructor: Your choice! Select the instructor whom you’d like to work with! Schedule is based on instructor’s availability.
  • Length: 15 minutes
  • Cost: Skype/Telephone Audition Recording - $25, In-Studio Audition Recording $45

To Schedule

After You Register

  • If you select an In studio session you will receive a .wav or .mp3 file. If you select a Tele-session or Skype session you can record it on your own.

How to Reach Us

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