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Edge Studio Career Planner A learning and business plan checklist

Many voice over artists are not businesspeople by nature. That's understandable. Not every businessperson can be a voice over artist, either.

But while a businessperson doesn't necessarily need to be artistic, to build a successful voice over career, you do need to be a businessperson.

And running a business successfully takes planning.

Edge Studio's 4-Phase Voice Over Career Planner serves as an easy outline for getting it all done. Not that you have to train with us. It's just a method of organization that we strongly encourage aspiring and professional talent to follow.

What is the voice over career planner?

This is a 17-page, PDF Planner that sets forth a simple, fact-based course of action that will help you create, grow and operate your business successfully. That's why we have incorporated a Business Plan into the Career Planner that you can follow from your first meeting with a voice over industry expert, to your first paying job, and throughout your career.

Since we introduced our Career Planner almost a year ago (based on our decades' of experience in the VO business), many Edge Studio graduates have used it to expand their voice over career opportunities.  We can't emphasize this enough: Graduates, use it from the outset, but this is not merely a "start-up" plan.

The field has changed from what it was, oh, ten years ago, even five years ago, and will continue to evolve. Some opportunities dry up or get crowded, many others emerge. By planning your career knowledgeably and thoroughly, and keeping your plan regularly updated throughout your career, you will maximize your potential. We've witnessed it first-hand with so many careers in voice overs.

We encourage you to get started on this now. Take some time and review the Voice Over Career Planner. We have seen that voice over artists who do this are more profitable. They get more work, higher paying jobs, and whatever else it is they are seeking.

You will receive a PDF that you can print-out and fill-in as you grow your voice over business!

About this Planner

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