PHASE 1 Investigate

Voice Over Class


1. Workshop   2. Personal voice analysis   3. Consultation


What you’ll get:

  • You’ll come away from this voice over class with valuable perspective on trends in the voice over industry, and knowledge of where you might fit within it.
  • After the class, our Education Team will follow up with you to discuss your performance, your experience in the class, and your potential next steps.
  • We will let you know whether or not it makes sense for you to continue into our training program. If you’re accepted, an Education Advisor will talk you through your specific path, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the options available to you.

. . . all included as part of the Investigate Voice Acting class.

The possibilities:

If we hear that your voice is marketable, we will suggest you move forward to our ABC Program, which provides you with a game plan for developing and recording your own personal demo, matching you with coaches based on your voice, location, and interests.

(If you continue directly into the program, we give you back the cost of the "Investigate Voice Acting” class.)

  • On the other hand, if voice acting does not seem to be your calling, we’ll tell you. We’re a respected member of our industry, so we protect our reputation and yours.
  • If the decision is borderline, we’ll say why and recommend actions you might take for a clearer determination. At Edge Studio, we don’t want to give false hope or waste your money, but we do want you to have every chance at success.

One way or the other, you’ll have the satisfaction of having investigated voice acting, to efficiently learn what your prospects really are.

Meet Your Evaluators

Danielle Quisenberry

VO Coach

Location: NY - New York City

Coaching Formats: In Studio, Online Checkups, Skype, Telephone

Specialties: Commercial, Corporate Industrial, Documentary, eLearning, Kids, Narration, Telephony

To schedule with Danielle call 888-321-3343
or email

Danielle Quisenberry Producer/Director/Talent/Coach has contributed her voice to radio and television commercials, web and software narrations, corporate campaigns, industrial and documentary films, English as a second language tutorials, and telephone systems. Her client list includes Aetna Insurance, America Online, Fiat, McAfee, McDonalds, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day, Panasonic, People PC, Timex, and Verizon. As a live announcer, she has voiced for The BAMKids Film Festival, Oldsmobile, Tyco Toys, and The Manhattan Amateur Classic (a top NYC dancesport competition).

Here at Edge Studio, she is a voice director and private coach skilled at introducing acting techniques to new voice performers. She also works with professional actors who want to transfer their existing skills to the microphone, and broadcast professionals who seek her out to help them improve their voices, deliver compelling journalistic reads, and transfer their current skills to the medium. She specializes in working with authors and filmmakers who want to voice their own stories, helping them connect to the copy, and sound more professional quickly.

She is a terrific body language coach, too! A lifelong dancer, she is a seasoned faculty member at The Alvin Ailey School where she has been training the bodies of the Actors Studio Drama School MFA candidates for 15 seasons. Her academic interests include acting methodologies, movement, the physical process of vocal production, and how advances in neuroscience affect teaching and adult learning in the arts. Former faculty positions include The American Ballroom Theatre, The TADA! Youth Theatre, The Public Theatre, Classic Stage Company, Steps on Broadway, and the New York Film Academy. In addition, she has been a regular guest artist at LaGuardia High School for Music, Arts and the Performing Arts, often known as the Fame school.
She holds a degree in Acting Performance from The University of Michigan and a certificate in Radio and Television Production and Performance from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts.

Click to hear Danielle's Commercial Demo

Brian Bremer

VO Coach

Location: GA - Atlanta

Coaching Formats:

Specialties: Commercial, Marketing Consults, Narration

To schedule with Brian call 888-321-3343
or email

A working voice actor for more than 15 years, Brian is nationally recognized as the voice of Time Warner Cable and Verizon Wireless. He narrated the award-winning short film, "Mountains in Motion," and his other clients include REI, Disney Parks, Coca-Cola, Keen Footwear, Xbox, and Yamaha Motors.

Recently he voiced the series-regular role of Nick in Telltale Games’ “The Walking Dead,” season two.

On camera, his body of film and television work dates back to the early 1990's. He currently appears in the recurring role of Chet on Sundance TV's "Rectify."

Brian is also an improv and sketch comedian with 7 Course Theater, and his own company, Sketchworks Industrial Strength Comedy. He worked for seven years as a film and television agent with The People Store and, as a freelance producer, has produced content for HGTV and DIY Network.

Click to hear Brian's Commercial Demo
/sites/default/files/Brian Bremer Commercial Demo.mp3

Investigate Voice Acting class objective

This class is designed for people who are new to the voice over industry, who want to learn about its many opportunities and determine if they truly have the basic vocal “raw material” to become marketable. Our Education Team will tell you, honestly, whether or not we think you have what it takes.

Click to read what people found most eye opening.

What you need to know

You'll see that voice over work is exciting!

  • It's fun: This industry is full of friendly people, fun projects, and you get paid to do what you really enjoy.
  • It's interesting: The voice over field encompasses many types of projects, spanning virtually all subjects. You’re always learning something new!
  • It's creative: You take words on a sheet of paper and paint a picture with your voice.
  • It's flexible: Part-time or full-time, even work from home (pajamas optional).
  • And there are 21 types (genres) of voice over work to choose from!

However, to succeed at voice acting, you must:

How the class is conducted

There are two way to take this class. Each is equally valid:

The Investigate Voice Acting class is small, and has just enough participants to give you a sense of how you stand among others. Everyone gets personal attention.

The analysis process

1. The Investigate Voice Acting class starts with a fun, exciting 3-hour session.

Your coach will outline the entire industry (including current opportunities, casting process, recording from home, recording demos, and more), giving you in-depth understanding of the skills required to be successful in voice over. Ask any questions you have, and also learn from the questions asked by others.

Then, to test your innate voice quality, you’ll get to do some script-reading and respond to direction (like a real voice over recording session). There will be warm-up exercises, individual script reads, responding to feedback after instructor direction, and script analysis of a variety of types and genres.

It’s like a first impression, except this is a “First Listen.” Our experienced director can tell a lot from it – we’ll assess the marketability of your voice, and give thought to what might be your most marketable genres (audiobook, animation, commercial, narration, etc.).

2. After the voice acting class, our Education Team follows up with you about your performance.

We’ll asses the two most critical attributes:

  • Is your voice marketable (do producers and casting agents seek your type voice)?
  • Where you might best fit into the industry (audiobook, animation, commercial, documentary, etc. – any of the 21 genres) and what kind of demo(s) you would need to become successful.

An Education Advisor will email you with our recommendation as to what your next step should be. If appropriate, we’ll help you map out a game plan aimed at producing a personalized, distinctive voice demo that you’ll use to display your abilities in your target genre.

And whether we green-light you to continue or not, we want you to take this investigation at least one more step – this, too, is included in the Investigate Voice Acting class:

3. Talk with our Education Team about your prospects.

After you’ve read our email with our suggested next steps, gather any questions and thoughts you have, and then we’ll talk – candidly and privately. We’ll answer your questions, address any issues, and chat in practical terms, to be sure you understand our recommendation. You will receive our honest assessment of what path you should (or should not) take.

What if?

  • If you show potential, we welcome you to train and begin your career with our ABC Program, focusing on your particular strengths. You'll have the benefit of our honest, straightforward feedback, and a game-plan that fits your style and brand.

    If you continue directly into the program, we give you back the cost of the "Investigate Voice Acting” class.

  • If it turns out you and voice acting are not a good match, this voice over class will help you avoid wasting your budget. We discourage those without potential from taking another voice over class. We are polite but candid.

The Investigate Voice Acting class includes:

  • Edge Studio’s exclusive Performance Guidebook (PDF version)
  • Access to over 5,000 categorized practice scripts.
  • Comprehensive presentation of the voice over industry, including its various genres (it’s more than commercials!), what talent-seekers are looking for, and strategies for success.
  • Answers to whatever questions you might have.
  • You’ll get to read for an Edge Studio coach, to determine if your voice is marketable.
  • The chance to hear other participants do the same.
  • A frank, yes-or-no follow up answer to the question you’ve been asking yourself: “Is this something I should pursue?”
  • If the coach feels you have potential, we’ll suggest which of the 30 types of work seem most marketable for you, and will work with you to tailor a game plan – so you’ll know what your next step should be.
  • If you don’t have potential, we’ll honestly explain why in our follow up call. We don’t want you to waste your time or money.

This is simply a smart way to check out the voice over industry. Our Program provides you with the tools, the skills, and the wherewithal to succeed.

Edge Studio is one of the few schools in which you focus on practical types of voice over that you can actually earn a living at. There’s all kinds of work to be had in dozens of genres. (We know first-hand, because as a respected, very active recording studio, we produce and record jobs in all of them.)

We encourage you to focus on what’s marketable and best suited to you.

To sign up for the class or learn more, please submit the form at right. Or call 888-321-EDGE (3343) or email if you have any questions.


Whether we "greenlighted" someone who appeared marketable, or encouraged them not to pursue voice over, they all have good things to say. Here are some:

Class Schedules

December 15, Sunday, 12pm-3pm ET
December 28, Saturday, 1pm-4pm ET
January 5, Sunday, 12pm-3pm ET
January 19, Sunday, 12pm-3pm ET
January 25, Saturday, 1pm-4pm ET
New York City
December 14, Saturday, 11am-2pm ET This Class Is Full
December 19, Thursday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 4, Saturday, 11am-2pm ET
January 9, Thursday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 12, Sunday, 11am-2pm ET
January 28, Tuesday, 1pm-4pm ET
January 30, Thursday, 6pm-9pm ET
Los Angeles
December 14, Saturday, 11am-2pm PT
January 11, Saturday, 11am-2pm PT
January 26, Sunday, 11am-2pm PT
December 17, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm ET
January 14, Tuesday, 6pm-9pm ET

Questions? Doubts? Concerns?

The "Investigate Voice Over Class" doesn't fit into my schedule.

  • We offer private evaluations, too – days, nights, and weekends. To fit one into your schedule, call us at 888-321-EDGE to learn more.

The "Investigate Voice Over Class" doesn't fit my budget.

  • Don't skip it. It pays to take it. If it turns out you and voice over are not a good match, this step will help you avoid wasting your budget. Or, if you continue directly into the demo program, we give you back the cost of the "Investigate Voice Over Class." You likely can't pay to explore every possible career, but whatever the career, you should always investigate the likelihood of it working out.

I don’t want a group class – I prefer a personalized solo evaluation.

  • We often hear this from new arrivals. Good news, the "Investigate Voice Over Class" does include important private-coaching components: both a personalized evaluation and a private consultation after the group session. And just as important, the group session component provides these other important benefits that private coaching can't fully give you:
    • Confidence-building performance in front of other people
    • Peer feedback and support
    • Peer demonstration - how do others perform the same script?
    • Benchmarking. Size up your progress, compared to your friendly competition
    • Establish peer connections -- exchange tips, experiences and other knowledge with people having the widest possible range of backgrounds
    • Networking opportunities
    • See how others take direction, and train your ears, so you'll hear what a coach or director hears
    • Learn how to contribute constructively, and tactfully, during a session

The full Edge Studio program will be a big investment.

  • Everything is relative. Elsewhere, inadequate or inexperienced coaching and a cookie-cutter demo might be a smaller investment, but will most likely be money wasted.

We'll accept you into Phase 2 only if we determine that you have the potential to succeed as a voice over performer.

And our legitimate, comprehensive voice-over training is a small investment compared with the training, testing, schooling, and licensing fees of many other professions. But it is important to invest your budget and your time wisely. Some outfits are all too happy to waste both for you. That’s why we candidly assess you first in this voice over class, so you can then soundly decide if this is the investment you should make in yourself.

Honestly, does everyone pass the screening?

  • No. Even though this evaluation voice over class is full of people who have unique voices, we “greenlight” only 50% of the people who participate.

How can I believe this is not a scam?

  • Smart question, as scam artists do exist in the voice over industry. In addition, many well-meaning services are simply inexperienced, inept, or incomplete. The robust nature of our team shows you that we're for real.

But don't take our word for it. We're members of the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has never had a complaint against us.

We’ve also put hundreds of testimonials on our website. We even have testimonials from people we did NOT "greenlight." They avoided what for them would have been a wild-goose chase career decision.

These sorts of things are why we’re simply the most trusted school in the industry, and why agents and acting schools send actors here for straightforward assessments. Even pros come here to “try out” new performance styles.

I'm already an actor, a radio personality, have a friend in the VO industry, etc. Why do I need an "evaluation"?

  • If you don't need the evaluation, terrific! You can begin Phase 2 without it. But we've seen too many people think they're ready when they're not. And if there's one thing to know about us, we do not want to waste your money. So we strongly encourage you take the evaluation voice over class and, assuming you are “greenlighted,” we can credit its cost back to you. In other words, this voice over class won’t cost you anything. You have nothing to lose!

I've had an evaluation by someone else. Why should I take yours?

  • As noted in the answer above, if you continue directly into Phase 2, the "Investigate Voice Over Class" evaluation is effectively free. So why not take it? Get a second opinion. See if there are gaps in your knowledge and plans. And learn how to be your most marketable self in the Voice Over industry.