Voice Over Demo Evaluation

Here at Edge, our staff has listened to literally tens of thousands of voiceover demos from seasoned professionals to beginners alike.

We know what it takes to make sure that your audience stays interested enough to listen past the first seven seconds or to be impressed enough that they are confident the name on the cover is that of a reliable professional.

If you feel that perhaps your demo might not represent you properly, that it may be out of date or not packaged well, or if you are just completely unsure, we can help.

Arrange to submit your audio today to be assessed by our trained ears to receive an honest and constructive evaluation.

How does it work?

Via telephone or in-studio, speak privately with one of our staff who is knowledgeable in casting and marketing. Then 'nit-pick' your demo and determine how to best enhance it.

  • Contrast your demo to the other (estimated) 17,000 we have reviewed...
  • ...and to those added to Edge Studio's library
  • Devise a plan to transform your demo into a significantly more marketable one


99% of demo evaluations are "Eye Opening" for the voice talent.

  • Since we receive thousands of demos each year, we can compare yours to theirs.
  • Often, aspiring voice talent's demos simply lack marketability.
  • And professional's demos are out of date.

Not getting the amount or type of work you expect?
Our goal is to make sure that this session more than pays for itself.

About this Session

  • Setting: In studio, Tele-session, or Skype
  • Timetable: Contact us to schedule
  • Instructor: Your choice! Select the instructor whom you’d like to work with!
  • Length: 1-hour sessions
  • Cost: Skype/Telephone Consultation $150, In-Studio Consultation $170

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