Voice Over Demo Recording

Your voiceover demo is quite possibly the single most useful tool you have in getting your voice heard and allowing potential clients to have a full understanding of what you offer as a unique and professional voice talent. Because of this, it is crucial that your demo be of pristine quality and represent you in the best possible light.

What better place to record and produce your demos than Edge Studio, where you will be surrounded by the support of our coaches and audio engineers who have the tools and experience needed to capture, package and showcase your delivery.

Out of area? We work with local studios around the world – they hit record and via phone-patch, we direct you. After recording, we totally edit and mix your demo. Its like you’re at our studio, only without traveling.

The Process

Step 1 - Demo Preparation

Anxious as you are, we treat this like a business. We:

  • investigate your marketable niches, based on your strengths and goals
  • have you work with a director trained at creating marketable demos
  • re-think and re-write scripts until they are marketable and accurately reflect you

Step 2 - Demo Production

Yes it takes time to do this right. We:

  • review your material with you and make any last minute changes
  • have you work with a coach who specializes in the genre of work you want
  • record your demo
  • record and many times as necessary to get it done right.

Step 3 - Editing and Mixing

After recording, hours are spent on music, sound effects, sequencing, editing, mixing, and creating a marketable voice over demo.


Receive MP3 of your demo.

About this Session

  • Setting: Our studio or a studio near you (if you are not near us).
  • Length: The session takes an hour
  • Instructor: Your choice! Select the instructor whom you’d like to work with! Schedule is based on instructor’s availability.
  • Cost:
    • Already in a demo program with Edge Studio, and want another demo? The cost is $800.
    • Want to purchase a demo A La Carte? The cost is $1200 and includes a demo preparation session.

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