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Edge Studio offers the industry’s most comprehensive voiceover training program. Students receive a custom designed training curriculum that will give you the skills to become a multifaceted voiceover artist. We believe the path to success requires a holistic approach to learning. Our program will provide you with real-world insight into studio technology, marketing, business development, and most importantly performance technique. You will graduate from the program by working with your instructor and our in-house engineering team to record your very first professional demos.

Here’s the best part! We will give you the tools to achieve your dream, all while you learn online at a pace that's right for you.

What can you expect at Edge Studio?

Online Education

To meet the needs of busy professionals, we offer all of our classes and private training online.

A Program Customized to Your Goals

Everyone has a different voice, learning style, and goals. Experience the flexibility to personalize your training program and explore your interests with an array of specialty courses.

For most students, we recommend taking 10 Private Coaching sessions. Our most dedicated and committed students have completed their coursework in the 5 Private Coaching sessions included in your program.

Your instructor will work with you to determine if you may benefit from additional coaching sessions. We never want to send anyone out into the industry underprepared. Additional coaching sessions are available to purchase at any time through your Education Advisor.

Classes and Training taught by Award-winning Experts

Our faculty of award-winning professional voice artists brings decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of every specialty genre.

Support at Every Step

We take great care in helping you reach your full potential. Your dedicated Education Advisor will be right there with you every step of the way to guide and assist your progress through the program.

Graduate with your own Professional Voiceover Demo Reel

A direct path to your demo. No wasted time, money or effort. You will graduate from the program equipped with an industry ready demo showcasing your capability to deliver high-quality performances and successfully compete in the entertainment industry.


Investigate Voice Over

Your program begins with this exciting 3-hour performance based class. Instructors will explore why voiceover is such an exciting area of the entertainment industry. Then you will have an opportunity to read at the mic in a live directed session. It will give the instructor the opportunity to get to know you and your voice better, and make recommendations on what kind of training and genres of voiceover may best suit your personal sound.

Education Consultation

Careful planning will result in a more marketable voice over demo. After the IVO class, your Education Advisor will review your Instructor’s performance assessment and together you will create a customized Private Coaching Program for working towards your demo.

Personalized Private Coaching

We match you with instructors who best fit your unique sound and career goals. Your instructor will develop an individualized plan that helps you focus on skills to nurture your personal sound.

Technique 101

The most fundamental, core aspect of your career as a voiceover talent is having a full understanding of vocal performance techniques. This class will introduce you to the most important components for creating a natural, smooth, believable, marketable delivery. You will learn how proper vocal techniques can transform lackluster reads into breakthrough performances.

Marketing 101

Discover the secrets to marketing yourself effectively and intelligently to increase your visibility and show up on a potential client's radar. You gain insight into agents and representatives, personal branding, pay-to-play website services, creating your own website, and much more.

Home Studio 101

A proper home studio setup is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of any voiceover talent. Fortunately today that doesn’t require a large investment of capital. Learn how to build a home studio capable of recording broadcast quality audio at a price that’s affordable.

Business & Money 101

Staying competitive and adapting to industry changes are two qualities that can put you ahead of the pack. Covering topics ranging from agents and casting directors, session preparedness, understanding VO norms, and expectations, this intensive class will help you start thinking like a professional.

Vocal Health

Keeping your voice fresh and allow you to get consistent and high-quality vocal performances. Understand the basics of how the voice works and how to avoid behaviors that can damage your instrument.

The "Don't Embarrass Yourself" Class

Proper studio etiquette leaves a lasting impression on clients and everyone on “the other side of the glass”. In this class, you will learn the do’s and don’ts of performing live in a professional studio.


Following the completion of your 101-level classes, you will gain access to our advanced-level coursework. A variety of class topics rotate monthly and will deepen your knowledge in the areas of Auditioning, Marketing, Business Development, and Home Studio Technology.


Demo Reel Preparation and Recording

When you have completed your Private Coaching, you will work with your instructor to begin production of your first professional voice over demo. After recording, we go behind the scenes to mix, edit, add music and sound effects, process, and sequence your demo into an industry-standard presentation. David Goldberg, our CEO, personally works on each and every demo we produce to ensure they are the absolute best representation of your voice.

The "What Now?" Class

Once your demo is recorded, we will help jump-start your career by giving you top-level advice on organizing, implementing, and putting together the initial pieces of your voice over business.


Performance Checkups

(2) Performance Checkups can be used at any point during your training. Send us your latest recordings and we’ll provide written feedback, keeping you on track!

Home Studio Consultation

Whether you're just starting out or you've already got a killer setup, Home Studio Instructor Dan Friedman will provide an in-depth assessment of your current home studio. Dan will help you set a plan for how to optimize your current equipment and give tips for what you might want to consider for the future.

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