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Voice over is an exciting, lucrative career that is becoming more accessible to people every year as technology improves. Voice talent can work from home, and book gigs all over the world from the comfort of their own studio. But if it was so easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Here’s the truth: voice over is very competitive and it can be a daunting task to start your career. Without training and professionally produced demos, you will never stand out from the crowd. But that’s where we step in- Edge Studio has over 30 years of experience training aspiring voice talent, or honing the skills of working professionals. Our training program will give you the skills and tools that you need in order to achieve your voice over dreams, and get your career off the ground!

Our training features:

  • Live training- We don't believe in pre-recorded classes or coaching sessions
  • A wide array of continuing education opportunities that will teach you how to market yourself, build a home studio, develop your business plan, and work on your vocal technique
  • Private training with working professionals
  • Dedicated Education Advisors who will take you through every step of the process
  • A flexible schedule based on your availability
  • Train from anywhere- We specialize in training students remotely
  • The best demos on the voice over market today

Training Program Outline

1- Investigate Voice Over

Your program begins with this exciting 3-hour performance based class. Instructors will give you a brief overview of the voice over industry. Then, you will have an opportunity to read for your instructor in a live directed session. This will give the instructor the opportunity to get to know you and your voice better, and make recommendations on what kind of training and genres of voiceover may best suit your voice.

2- Education Consultation

Careful planning now will result in a more marketable voice over demo down the road. After the Investigate Voice Over class, your Education Advisor will review your instructor’s performance assessment with you and together you will create a customized training program based on what genres we feel you would be most marketable in.

3- Technique 101 Webinar

The most fundamental, core aspect of your career as a voiceover talent is having a full understanding of vocal performance techniques. This class will introduce you to the most important components for creating a natural, smooth, believable, marketable delivery. You will learn the basics of how proper vocal techniques can transform lackluster reads into breakthrough performances.

4- Private Coaching

Private one-on-one coaching is the best way to develop your skills as a voice artist, and Edge Studio has the best coaches in the industry! We will match you with a coach who best fits your unique sound, career goals, and schedule. Your instructor will develop an individualized plan that helps you focus on skills to nurture your personal sound, working towards recording a demo.

5- Demo Reel Preparation and Recording

Once you have completed your Private Coaching, you will work with your instructor to begin production of your voice over demo. This involves:

  • Demo Preparation session: You’ll learn all about the demo record process, and give you one final opportunity to work on your scripts with your coach.
  • Demo Record Session: You enter the booth and record the demo you have been working on with your coach!
  • After recording, our top-tier engineering team will mix, edit, add music and sound effects, process, and sequence your demo into an industry-standard presentation. David Goldberg, our CEO, personally works on each and every demo we produce to ensure they are the absolute best representation of your voice.

6- The "What Now?" Class

Once your demo is recorded, we will help jump-start your career by giving you top-level advice on organizing, implementing, and putting together the initial pieces of your voice over business.

Continuing Education

Once you finish your program, round out your training with our continuing education opportunities. You can choose to work towards additional demos, get private coaching sessions to hone your craft, or enroll in our webinars that can show you how to build a home studio or market yourself as a voice actor.

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Financing Options

Our goal at Edge Studio is to make our programming as accessible as possible to our student body. That is why we can offer in-house financing options that will allow you to pay off your program interest-free over the course of several months. No credit check required! Once your first payment goes through, you can start training. For Edge Studio’s in-house financing, call 212-868-3343 and speak to a member of our Education Team for further details.

We also accept credit card, debit card, and PayPal on our website. For students who pay for their program up-front, we offer discounts on the cost of the program. The savings listed above are not applicable for students who choose our in-house financing option.

How to Reach Us

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Email us training@edgestudio.com

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