PHASE 2 Train & Record

Voice Over Demos


This phase is for new voice talent who have potential and want supplemental or full-time voice over work.

Train with our team of top-working pros, learn the biz from industry experts, take unlimited classes, and record demos with directors and engineers. They tailor everything to your voice, interests, and resources.

It’s all included, in 3 optional parts.

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Important details about the Personalized Training Plan

Concerned about competition

No matter what career you launch, there is competition. But fortunately, the VO industry is exploding with work and, since no two voices are the same, peers actually tend to help each other find work!

Want a quick-fix / Low-priced demo?

Sorry, we don't do quickie voice over demos. Edge Studio records voice over demos only when you're truly ready to enter the VO industry. This is why you get unlimited classes until you and our coaches believe that you’re ready to work professionally. Anything less will waste your time and money.

Concerned about the cost?

It's not that you need a PhD and college tuition. But you are starting a new business. Consider: If you were opening a retail storefront, you'd invest in inventory, hire employees, and pay rent. Compared to that, embarking on your passion of a VO career (a career that you get excited about) is one of the simplest, most economical start-ups around.

Can you really do this?

If we accepted you into our Phase 2 program to train and record voice over demos, then we think so. If you follow our guidance, we're confident you'll make back your investment. We're always here to help.

Is this preparation really important?

There is a saying: "Nothing kills a bad product faster than great advertising." Nowhere is this more true than with a voice over demo reel. A mediocre first demo may ruin your chances of an improved one being heard by casting professionals. And a great VO demo that you can't deliver on will serve you even worse!

That is why professional preparation is critically important from the outset.

Am I really right for voice over success?

Unlike some schools, when people are not well suited to performing voice over and recording voice over demos, we tell them early on -- well before they should even think about making voice over demos. You get a candid assessment, based on the judgment of a highly professional coach.

But there are many kinds of voice over, many kinds of voice over demos, and many specialized markets. Our broad experience and coaching skills can help identify special opportunities for you. We regularly produce well-targeted voice over demos that provide aspiring voice over artists a career of steady voice over work.

But only the people who show potential in their Phase 1 Evaluation and show continued interest are invited into Phase 2 Training.

Phase 2 includes:

  • A customized learning program
  • Honing your voice (learning to capitalize on your natural voice and strengths)
  • Recording your voice over demos
  • The business know-how to run a successful voice over business (part-time or full-time)

When are you ready to produce your voice over demo?

At Edge Studio, you'll get lots and lots of experience. And no pressure.

We enable you to take classes on an unlimited basis, until YOU AND OUR COACHES agree that you are fully prepared to record one or more professionally engineered voice over demos that you can take into the marketplace.

Why do we say "Voice over demos", plural?

To enter the voice over business, virtually everyone needs voice over demos. Even if you have a friendly contact in the field, they'll probably want to play your voice over demos to someone else. And, since there are many different kinds of voice over work and voice over demos, you will need to identify your strengths and determine which genres you are best suited for.

Most working voice over talent offer their clients commercial and narration voice over services. To be considered for new jobs, they have a separate commercial and narration voice over demos.

The most important factor is having a strong foundation. Your decision to record one or more voice over demos should wait until after your evaluation -- by that time, the choice will be clear.

See what hundreds of working alumni say.   Read their exciting success stories!

The Phase-2 program has 3 parts:

Part-A: Foundation Studies Program

Course Help & Books
so you can practice anytime
  • Orientation Video
  • The Career Planner Manual
  • The Performance Guidebook

Performance Classes
with Top-Working Pros
  • Technique 101
  • 8 class credits for your choice of Phase 3 classes
  • Vocal Health

Business Classes
with Industry Experts
  • Marketing 101
  • Home Studio 101
  • Business & Money 101
  • The "Don't Embarrass Yourself" Class

Part-B: Private Training & Performance Tracks (1-on-1 Coaching)

  • Pre-Coaching Consultation with an Edge Studio Education Advisor
  • Core Training with Top-Working Pros
  • Specialty Training with Recognized Experts
  • Home Studio Private Consult with Dan Friedman, Edge Studio Coach and Technology Expert
  • 2 Performance Checkups with one of the selected Instructors on our team

Part-C: Demo Production

  • Demo Prep Session with any Instructor on our team
  • Demo Record & Production with any Instructor on our team
  • The "What Now?" Class with an Industry Expert

Part-A: Foundation Studies Program

To make smart career decisions and fulfill clients’ random requests, you’ll need general industry knowledge, multifaceted training, and experience working with all types of directors.

So we invite industry experts from around the country to share their techniques and experiences with you in small classes -- always with plenty of Q&A conversation time!

You gain the combined knowledge and expertise of these top working pros, recognized experts, and business experts, giving you vast real-world insight into everyday, practical issues.

Part A includes

Course Help & Books

  • Orientation Video
  • We want you to do well. And we’ve included a lot in this program to ensure it happens! So to begin, this video will show you how to get the most out of your training and voice over demos by introducing you to the components of your plan and providing practical advice so you start on an informed level.

  • The Voice Over Career Planner
  • Planning your career from the outset will help you make smart career decisions after your voice over demos are recorded. This organized, step-by-step manual will guide you through the steps you need to remain organized, motivated, and successful!

  • The Voice Actor's Performance Guidebook
  • Often referred to as the Industry Bible, the 123 page Voice Actor's Performance Guidebook helps you develop your vocal skills as a part-time or full-time voice over actor.

Business Classes with Industry Experts

These days as a voice over pro, you'll regularly record from your home-studio and work directly with clients. But clients expect quality recordings and professional business practices from the vendors they pay.

In our Business Courses, you learn how to skip the trial-and-error gobbledygook, and instead impress and retain clients from the get-go. Nice!

  • Marketing 101 Webinar
  • Learn how to market your voice over demos, increase your visibility, show up on client radars, and GET WORK!

  • Home Studio 101 Webinar
  • Learn the fundamental components to audition, record, and deliver broadcast quality to your clients around the globe!

  • Business & Money 101 Webinar
  • From negotiating rates to invoicing... Cha-ching, it’s PAYDAY! Learn how to be fully prepared to begin working once your voice over demos are recorded!

  • The "Don't Embarrass Yourself" Class
  • Skip the learning curve and talk & act like a pro from the start! You will learn in two hours the crucial information that other talents learn after years of work … and mistakes. Better said, find out the things that get you asked back, rather than asked to leave.

Performance Classes with Top Working Pros

It is critical to have a general working knowledge of various performance styles. Why? Because clients and casting agents often request work outside your comfort zone.

With our Performance Courses, you’ll be able tell clients, “Yes, I can do that!” more often. You will gain multifaceted performance experience and the combined techniques from numerous highly-regarded coaches who are also highly-regarded performers.

  • Technique 101 Workshop
  • Before we send you off, we teach you foundational technique and ear training, so you can unlock your unique voice, train productively at home, and learn how to assess other's voice over demos.

  • 8 Elective Class Credits from our Phase 3 Program
  • These advanced-level classes that we recommend you take following the completion of your 101-level classes have rotating topics, and serve to deepen your knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Business & Money, Home Studios, and Auditioning. Please check this link for a list of upcoming classes and topics.

  • Vocal Health: Basics of Caring for Your Instrument
  • In this hands-on, multi-media course, you will learn the basics of how the voice works and how to get good quality voice production, Identify every day habits that can negatively impact vocal health, develop a routine for daily voice care, and also discuss vocal care when you are sick or in other sub-optimal performing conditions.

Part A Costs

Your Phase 1 instructor may suggest that you take Part A. You're welcome to take the individual classes a la carte, however the pricing bundle will save you money.

A La Carte Prices

Quantity Class A La Carte Price
1 Orientation Video $30
1 The Career Planner $30
1 The Voice Actor's Performance Guidebook $30
1 Marketing 101$60
1 Business & Money 101 $60
1 Home Studio 101 $60
1 Technique 101 $60
1 Don't Embarrass Yourself $60
8 Elective Class Credits from the Phase 3 Program $480
1 Vocal Health: Basics of Caring for Your Instrument $60
A La Carte Total $930

Package Price

The Part A Package includes everything listed above $500 ($430 Savings)

Part-B: Private Training & Performance Tracks (1-on-1 Coaching)

To differentiate yourself and obtain work in your marketable genres, you’ll also need private training, tailored to your interests and potential.

But everyone has a different voice, learning pace, and goals. So we customize a Private Learning Program for you.

We match you with voice over coaches with expertise in the genres for which you have passion (audiobook, cartoon, documentary, commercial,...) and natural aptitude (voice, delivery, strengths, jargon,…), so you build a career focused around your unique voice and goals.

You can work via Skype, telephone, at our studios, or any combination.

Part B includes

  • Pre-Coaching Consultation with an Edge Studio Education Advisor
  • We've seen time and time again, that careful planning results in more marketable voice over demos. And more marketable voice over demos means more success. So let's plan this right! Begin your program with your Education Advisor to finalize the type of voice over demos you'll record, discuss the scripts you'll want on your voice over demos, and be carefully matched with coaches for private training. The Specialist will have your evaluation notes on hand so you can stay on track, be profitable, and have an exciting kick-off!

  • Core Training with Top Working Pros
  • The people who hire voice-over artists range in personality. And their requests differ from each other. So being flexible prepares you for the real VO world.

    Take the opportunity to work with our different all-purpose instructors. Each is selected for having general knowledge of all voice over genres. And each has different perspectives, experiences, preparation methods, learning tips, and practice exercises to share with you.

  • Specialty Training with Recognized Experts
  • As important as variety is, specializing in a genre is often the way to be most marketable.

    We have recruited experts in multiple genres, from audiobook to animation, to provide specialized voice over training so you stand out in the genres you're best suited for.

    Genre instructors live and breathe their respective sectors of voice over, and will teach you the subtleties of their genres' styles. They also share with you their insight into what casting pros, directors, and clients expect.

    You'll want to put their names on your resume.

  • Home Studio Private Consult with Dan Friedman, Edge Studio Coach and Technology Expert
  • Sit down with Edge Studio's Director of Technology, Dan Friedman, to get a candid and in-depth assessment of your current home studio setup, and find out where you might want to go from here. Whether you're just starting out or you've already got a killer setup, George will help you get a baseline for understanding what you might want to consider next.

  • 2 Performance Checkups with one of the selected Instructors on our team
  • To ensure you're progressing, send us recordings and we’ll provide written feedback, keeping you on-track! Checkups can be used whenever you want during your training.

Part-C: Demo

It’s time to record industry-standard voice over demos. And you can select which coach you work with!

But this seemingly straightforward step requires discretion. You see, your demo represents you and Edge Studio (we market every student’s demo to our own production clients). So if we believe that you are not able to record a marketable demo, we will say so.

What if you pay for voice over demos, but are not ready to record?

Show answer


  • Our initial assessment of your ability averages 90% accurate. But because students:
    • Cannot always practice at home
    • Sometimes decide to change course and focus on, for example, documentary narration rather than their initial desire of commercial work
    • Simply progress at different rates
  • We may recommend adjusting your upcoming training and voice over demos recording schedule.


  • Your coaches continually track and re-assess your progress.
  • You will also submit “Checkup” recordings at regular intervals. These are recordings you record at home. If you have a home studio, we are glad to also assess your studio quality. If you do not, we will provide information on downloading free recording programs.


  • Absolutely. Expect no sugar coating. No beating around the bush. And absolutely NO taking you for a ride. Rather expect honesty and integrity. You will never find a more determined, dedicated, caring team, looking out for you and your voice over demos every step of the way. You’ll see. And hear.


  • Vocally speaking:
    • If it is determined that you are not ready to record your voice over demos when scheduled, we will provide suggestions.
    • Often, we suggest to simply take more of the free, included core courses, so you get more hours of practice under your belt and work with more coaches.
    • But we may also suggest additional training sessions which carry an additional cost (albeit at a discounted rate). Please know that our goal is NOT to scam you. Rather it is in your and our best interest for your voice over demos to sound professional when you bring them into the marketplace.
  • Professionally speaking:
    • Believe it or not, we expect you to exhibit courteous and professional behavior to our instructors and office team. If you do not, then we can assume that you will disrespect casting agents and clients. In which case you will not succeed in voice over. And in which case, we will discontinue your training and not record your voice over demos, because we will not train anyone who we believe can not succeed.
    • Should you NOT follow our suggestions, and if we believe that you are NOT ready to record professional voice over demos, we will decline to record your demo until you are ready.

Part C includes

  • Private Demo Preparation Sessions with any Instructor on our team
  • Once you and your coaches agree that you’re ready to work professionally, we'll assess all the voice over demo scripts that you have compiled during your training, and review, select, and edit the ones which are most marketable, showcase your range, and belong on your voice over demos. We'll then send those to our Edge Studio copy writer, who will whip those scripts into shape, write and additional copy that is needed, and get them back to you in time to prepare for your Demo Prep session.

  • Private Demo Recording Sessions, Mixing, & Marketing with any Instructor on our team
  • By now you will have worked with many of our coaches, and you can select which one you’d like to work with on your voice over demos.

    After recording, we go behind the scenes to mix, edit, add music and sound effects, process, and sequence your voice over demos into an industry-standard presentation.

    And then we market your demo on our “Fresh Voices Casting Library” so that casting professionals, as well as our production clients, can hear your demos when casting voice over jobs.

  • The "What Now?" Class with an Industry Expert
  • Are you scratching your head trying to put it all together? Sure, we’ve covered a lot of ground and you’ve recorded your voice over demos…

    So let us jump you forward by giving you top-level advice on organizing, implementing, and putting together the pieces of your voice over business.

    This is a time to learn, ask, and prepare for a fun career!

Part C Added Value:

  • ADDED VALUE #1: Unlimited training before we market your demo.
  • If you are preparing to record a demo with us, we enable you to take all Part A classes on an unlimited basis, until you and our coaches agree that you are fully prepared to work professionally and record marketable voice over demos.

    You’ll work with leading industry experts from around the country, all who share their knowledge and experiences with you! Rather than you travelling to them, our class instructors train you via teleclass and webinar. Every class is live and includes Q&A time. This is a unique opportunity to beef up your resume and gain the combined expertise of numerous industry heavyweights. Select any one of them to direct your voice over demos!

  • ADDED VALUE #2: Yes, we said Edge Studio markets your demo.
  • We add your voice over demos to our “Fresh Voices Casting Library” so casting agents and our production clients can hear and hire you!

    This is included and is a valuable jump-start to your marketing process. But it is not a replacement for the Business Training courses because we’ll also show you how to market yourself.


We work hard at supporting people as they prepare to enter the voice over community. Here are what some said:

Discounts, Payment Plans, & Policies

If you purchase “Parts A, B, & C” simultaneously:

  • You get the cost of the Phase 1 "Investigate Voice Over Class" credited back if you sign up within 7 days.
  • You get to take all the classes in Part-A as many times as you want until you record your demo!

Military and student discounts. Ask us!

Why do we credit back the cost of the Phase-1 program?

Because it is fair.

You see, students usually come here wanting to train and record a demo. But because we only want to train marketable students, we strongly encourage them to first spend money on the Phase 1 "Investigate Voice Over Class." So if you choose to train and record a demo with us, it is only fair to compensate you.

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