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Get your studio up & running.  Affordably & properly.

Having us design and/or set-up your studio is a fast way to begin wining more work and charging more for it. After 21 years, we've been there, done it.

Yes, We Travel!

Unless you're an experienced engineer, or you're willing to give up an awful lot of weekends, getting your studio to sound like a seasoned one is practically impossible.

You can have us design, purchase, set up, teach you, and save all parameters of your home studio... So all you have to do is "turn it on" and read your script!

Step by Step

  • step 1: design: different styles of voice over require different types of studios
  • step 2: budget: determine what equipment works within your budget
  • step 3: purchase: we deal with the suppliers and have equipment shipped to your studio
  • step 4: set up: we visit your studio and set it up
  • step 5: teach: we teach you how to operate your studio effectively, to expedite turn around
  • step 6: test: the next day, record and email us a script - we'll confirm the quality and make necessary recommendations
  • step 7: on-going support: we take notes, so if you call with questions, we can answer


Let us help you with all steps... or just where you need assistance.

Average Estimate

  • step 1: consultation: 1/2 to 1 hour
  • step 2: budget: 1/2 hour
  • step 3: purchase: 1 hour
  • step 4: set up: 1 to 4 hours
  • step 5: teach: depends on your current skill level, and how quickly you learn
  • step 6: test: depends on your situation
  • step 7: on-going support: depends on your situation

How to Reach Us

Call us 888-321-3343
Email us training@edgestudio.com

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