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When you call us regarding voice over narration services, first we have a question of our own:

What kind of narration?

Its definition varies greatly within our industry.  Broadly, narration includes just about any recorded voice communication other than commercials, promos, trailers, public service announcements, and radio imaging. Some professionals believe that specialized genres do not belong under the title of narration, such as audiobooks, cartoons, and telephony!

Clearly, voicing narration for a telephone message is not the same as narrating a nature documentary.

No problem -- We are experienced with all of these:

  • Corporate (e.g., online training, podcasts, sales presentations, orientation videos, and more)
  • Programming (documentaries, news stories, scientific and medical shows, educational films, fundraising)
  • Medical education (of caregivers and patients)
  • Museum tours
  • Etc.

Despite the crossover that often occurs within these various genres, it is necessary for you that at least one person on our team is experienced in each area.

To show our range, here is just a small sampling of our narration voiceover experience:

  • National Geographic: Narration for documentary about life after Hurricane Katrina
  • MOMA: A video showcasing some of the Museum of Modern Art's Chinese masterpieces
  • Volkswagen: In-house training video voice over. Narration in French
  • Met Life: Produced the audio for a corporate sales presentation
  • Polish Army Veterans Association of America: We produced the voice over; narration for several video documentaries.
  • Prevention: Denise Austin's "4 Weeks Of Fitness"
  • Heartbeat Digital: A very specialized type of voice over; narration for numerous sales presentations aimed at medical professionals, using medical vocabulary.
  • Special Olympics: Opening ceremony welcome
  • History Channel: Many biographies and documentaries
  • Unicef: Informational-film voice-over narration services
  • Habitat for Humanity: Fund drive video narration
  • Smithsonian: Casting, recording and editing for their Tang Shipwreck Traveling Exhibit
  • IcelandAir: Produced numerous on-hold messaging narration
  • E! Network: We produced the narrations for a reality show starring Lisa Loeb.

For many more examples of every kind, see the links under "Our Work," in the left-hand menu. Whatever the voice, narration is a natural presence in our booths.

In addition to casting, hiring and producing narrators, we also train voice artists in narration, giving them the same advice we give producers: it's best to consider each type of narration as a separate genre, because each has its own set of needs and opportunities.

And speaking of coaching...

While we have one of the world's largest pools of experienced voice-over narration talent, we're also experienced at getting the best possible performances out of celebrities and other non-professional narrators. For example, Kate Jackson turned to us regarding book narration.  We've produced the likes of Mel Brooks and Joan Rivers in voice over / narration contexts. And under our direction, the owners of Key Hyundai Elantra did a great job narrating their own radio commercial.

Whatever your need, whatever resources and experience you bring to the project yourself, be assured that Edge Studio will mesh productively, contributing in every way possible to give you an outstanding voice over, whatever the narration product.

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