Common mistakes early in a voice over career

People who do not properly investigate voice over often make more than one of these mistakes:

  • Pursuing a genre they are not suited for.
  • Pursuing a genre that is a relatively small niche and hard to break into.
  • Pursuing a genre that isn't commercial.
  • Not knowing what a "genre" is.
  • Poor business practices.
  • Business and promotional practices not suited to the industry.
  • Turning off casting personnel with their first demo.
  • Recording a demo that impresses no one.
  • Making mistakes that brand them as an amateur.
  • Failure to learn about and pursue valuable opportunities.
  • Inability to take and/or respond constructively to direction.
  • Failure to maximize their performance potential.
  • Failure to correct speech impediments or accent.
  • Thinking there is only one "right way" to do something.
  • Thinking they don’t need a voice over class.
  • Missed opportunities to network with other talent.
  • Inability to learn from voice over peers.
  • Thought they had to join a union. Or failed to join when they should have.
  • Expecting an unrealistic level of income.
  • Charging too little.
  • Wasting money on charlatans.
  • Trying to be everything to everybody.
  • Purchasing home studio equipment inappropriate for them.
  • Taking another voice over class which is inappropriate for them.
  • Failure to satisfy the needs of VO clients.
  • Quitting simply because they got frustrated.

This is why we offer this voice over class.

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