Edge Studio Press Releases

November 21, 2013

Ashley Russo Grows Edge Studio's West Coast Operations

August 22, 2013

Edge Studio Welcomes George Whittam and V.O.StudioTech

August 22, 2013

Edge Studio Prepares for Growth in Voice Over Education & Production

May 23, 2013

Edge Studio’s City Tour Offers Workshops for Aspiring & Emerging Voice‐Over Actors

April 17, 2013

Edge Studio Offers “Create and Pitch Your Own Animated Series” Class

March 5, 2013

Edge Studio Launches “Green Voice Over” Campaign to Help the Environment

February 13, 2013

Edge Studio Hosts “Women in Animation” Meeting at New York City Voice Over Studio

January 22, 2013

Edge Studio Holds Open Forums to Discuss Controversial Voice Over Subjects

December 29, 2012

Edge Studio Creates Seasonal Voice Over Scripts for Weekly Reading Contest

December 4, 2012

Edge Studio Donates Voice Over Studio Time for Meetings, Networking and Recordings

November 20, 2012

Edge Studio Donates Voice Over Recordings to Good Causes

October 28, 2012

Edge Studio Records Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York for Special 9/11 Memorial Voice Over Project

September 27, 2012

Edge Studio Hosts Voice-Over Ethics Conversation

September 24, 2012

Edge Studio Voice-Over Practice Script Library Surpasses 4,000 Scripts

July 30, 2012

Edge Studio Doubles Voice Over Studios in Times Square New York City

July 13, 2012

Edge Studio “Voice Over Education Program” Creates Mock Voice Over Audition Experience

June 28, 2012

Edge Studio introduces TalkTime! an Interactive Voice Over Experience

June 19, 2012

Edge Studio shares Voice Over Business Knowledge at VOICE2012

May 30, 2012

The Voice Over Feedback Forum at Edge Studio Exceeds Expectations

May 17, 2012

Edge Studio Welcomes New Spanish Voice Over Coach

April 26, 2012

Voice Over Company Edge Studio Moves To SalesForce

April 12, 2012

Voice Over Taxes and Other Topics From Edge Studio

March 26, 2012

Edge Studio Introduces How-To Write Voice Over Scripts Guide

March 7, 2012

Edge Studio Empowers Voice Over Artists With New “SINGING” Program

February 21, 2012

Edge Studio Earns GSA Certificate for Voice Over Recording Services

February 6, 2012

Edge Studio adds Teen & Kids Voice Over Program to Meet the Industry’s Growing Demand

January 24, 2012

Edge Studio Provides New Tool that Makes it Easy for Voice Over Artists to Calculate Script Length for Jobs

December 8, 2011

Edge Studio Script Contests Offer Opportunities For Voice Over Talent to Hone Skills, Win Prizes

November 15, 2011

Edge Studio Founder David Goldberg Called In to Coach Voiceover Directors from Top Television Network

October 31, 2011

Edge Studio Expands Portfolio to Include 25 Genres of Production Work

October 13, 2011

Edge Studio Puts Pro Voice Over Coaches at Your Fingertips with Affordable Checkup Program

September 7, 2011

New Voice Over Blog from Edge Studio Provides Voice Over Advice, Humor, and Anecdotes

August 29, 2011

U.S. Voice Over Shop Launches Voice-Over Production Newsletter

August 5, 2011

Second opinion on voice-over auditions and paid jobs?

June 16, 2011

Because every voice-over artist and career are different, Edge Studio announces a different approach to VO training.

May 2, 2011

Edge Studio Helps Voices.com Members Get An Upper Edge

April 27, 2011

Voice over performers learn from their peers, in new Practice & Feedback Forum at EdgeStudio.com

March 10, 2011

Edge Studio Records Voice Over Production In Over 100 Languages

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