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Here is the Rate Card for Radio Commercials.
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Radio Commercial Rate Card

The Local Radio Market

  • Small Market (e.g. one town on Long Island) - $50 to $200
  • Large Market (e.g. Boston or New York City) - $150 to $400

The Regional Radio Market

  • $200 to $500

The National Radio Market

  • $500 to $1,000 or standard Union rates

Tags (5 to 10 seconds)*

  • Local - $25 to $100
  • Regional - $75 to $200
  • National - $100 to $300 or standard Union rates
  • * Note: The payment for one tag is included with the payment for the spot. HOWEVER COMMONLY you will be requested to record multiple tags along with the one spot. It is industry practice that you are paid “per tag” for all additional tags. We strongly suggest that you clarify this with the client prior to recording.


  • If you record multiple spots in one session you should be paid separately for each spot.
  • Rates through subscription audition sites (such as may vary significantly.
  • Consider offering a discount for a series of spots.
  • Consider offering scratch tracks for free or for a heavily discounted rate.
  • An “unlimited buy-out” may pay more than a “one-year buy-out”.

Other information available includes Industry Rates for

  • Animation
  • Cartoon
  • Videogame
  • Audiobook
  • Corporate, Training Video
  • Dubbing
  • eLearning, ESL, Webinar, Tutorial
  • Documentary, Film...
  • Home Studio & Editing
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical
  • Podcast
  • Promo, Trailer, Imaging
  • Radio
  • Self-guided tours
  • Telephony, IVR, OnHold, MenuPrompt
  • Television
  • as well as Invoice Definitions
  • and Invoicing Tips!

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