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Who should do your voice over project and why

Why you need a professional recording studio.

Sure, you can plug a mic into your computer, if you know what you're doing. But if you knew what you were doing, you'd know it doesn't make sense to record your own telephone messaging, sales tutorial, or radio commercial.

After all, you would never paint your company’s billboard poster. Nor design its logo. And you wouldn't camcorder your own national TV ad.

You wouldn't even make your own front-door sign! Your image is that important.

With all due respect to do-it-yourselfers everywhere, when it comes to voice over recording, doing it yourself costs you more than technical quality and first impression. You'll also miss out on a lot of options and opportunities that we offer.

The irony is that more people will probably hear your audio than will see the sign on your door. So, in fact, if the budget says you must do something yourself ... consider painting the sign.

Meanwhile for your voice over recording needs, contact Edge Studio.

We have an accomplished, internationally acclaimed staff, ready to help in any way. We know what we're doing, we really care, and we do a great job -- simple as that.

Why you need a professional VOICE OVER recording studio.

All recording studios are not alike. For voice over recording you need a voice over recording studio. Not a music studio. And you want to work with a producer and engineer who are experienced at recording voice overs.

It's not so much that singing is different from speaking (although that's a factor). It's that the whole nature of the recording, and the process -- even voice over recording software settings -- are inherently different.

How does voiceover recording differs from music recording?

  • Some music recording rooms are designed to have reverberation. Exactly what you don't want in voice over recording rooms. And music engineers typically add artificial reverb to the singer.
  • Many music studios have some sort of vocal booth, but a voice over recording booth is "tighter" -- much more soundproof, and acoustically "dead" (no reverb or "flutter").
  • It has to be. Consider: a singer's voice will be mixed with instrumentation, so a little extraneous noise or reverberation won't matter. But in the voiceover world, all noise is heard. Even when we add music, the music is of secondary importance, usually at a low volume just to support the voice and the visual.
  • Music engineers emphasize the high and low frequencies in a singer's voice, giving it fullness. On the other hand, in voice over recording, we equalize to a) sound clean and articulate, and b) match the intended listening environment.
  • For example, we equalize telephony recordings using very little bass, because telephones don't have good bass fidelity. More examples: Internet audio is equalized for computer speakers. Audiobooks and museum tours are equalized to sound good through headphones. TV commercials are equalized for TV speakers. And so forth.
  • In addition, music engineers may not hear (or care about) little vocal anomalies such as mouth clicks, breaths, tongue smacks, paper noise, and air conditioning rumbles. We must.
  • From a producer's standpoint, performance standards are different, too. Errors and quirks that might pass review in a song performance won't suffice in voice over recording.
  • Yet another huge difference: Music engineers edit the spacing to a beat... we do it to a conversational timing, which takes years to master.
  • Yet more reasons for choosing a voiceover recording specialist: Music studios often use microphones, pre-amplifiers, and processing equipment that add highs, lows, and fullness. Our equipment focuses on acquiring the true sound of the voice over artist (who presumably already has the desired tone). Singers often stand in different positions relative to the mic, for a "musical" sound. But we have the voice over artist stand so as to produce a direct sound, as if they're a friend speaking with you.
  • But enough negativity. We prefer to be positive. And we're positive you will like the results when you make Edge Studio your voice over recording studio.


  • In our 20 years' experience, we've served more than a thousand clients.
  • Highest quality is the only level we do.
  • We can show you how to make the most of your budget, maybe even trim it.
  • We are experienced in every voiceover genre, from promo and branding, to long narration and audiobooks. In fact, we even train professionals in all types of voice over recording performance.
  • As engineers and producers, we know what happens with the finished recording. How a commercial needs to be mixed. What technology websites need. How to match up with video and not overpower it. How telephony works. You name it.
  • We also do casting, dubbing, and translation.
  • If you want, we can manage your project start-to-finish.
  • And, in case you check into such things (and why not?), the Better Business Bureau has had absolutely no complaints about us.
  • The legal profession has a saying: "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client."

So, before you start messing with voice over recording equipment yourself, or entrust your image to just anyone, call Edge Studio now for your professional recording project. We're happy to give you our knowledge, suggestions and guidance.

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