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What you’ll find at Edge Studio

We live and breathe virtually every conceivable aspect of the voice over industry. And we have an international team of voice over experts who oversee each part. So it’s easy for our team to pool resources and create the most wide-ranging education center, with the most successful students.

Voice Over Education  learn more

Think of Edge as a top university: Each instructor is recruited to teach their specialty… so you train with industry experts matched to your voice, ability, and goals, while filling your resume with recognized expert’s names.

The team of instructors at Edge offer the most complete, trusted, and recognized voice over education.

Free Career Center  learn more

This is a huge collection of free services that most new and pro talent rely on to build their voice over business. Edge Studio proudly sponsors the Free Career Center for the voice over training industry. Take the tour!

Voice Over Casting & Production  learn more

We’re also a leading casting and production company and our unique selling point is our “Fresh Voices Casting Library” in which our clients can hire new students who we’ve trained. Simply said, when you do well, we do well.

3 Types of Instructors

If you want a well-rounded voice over education, you’ll need knowledge and expertise from a diverse team of voice over experts (Would you attend a university with just one teacher?). Click for Instructor Directory.

Which is why our team has so many established professionals on it -- each known for their unique expertise, recognition, and teaching ability.

Core Training with Top Working Pros  learn more

The people who hire voice-over artists range in personality. And their requests differ from each other. So being flexible prepares you for the real VO world.

Take the opportunity to work with our different core instructors. Each is selected for having general knowledge of all voice over genres. And each has different perspectives, experiences, preparation methods, learning tips, and practice exercises to share with you.

Specialty Training with Recognized Experts  learn more

As important as variety is, specializing in a genre is often the way to be most marketable. We have recruited experts in multiple genres, from audiobook to animation, to provide specialized voice over training so you stand out in the genres you're best suited for.

Recognized experts live and breathe their respective sectors of voice over, and will teach you the subtleties of their genres' styles. They also share with you their insight into what casting pros, directors, and clients expect.

You'll want to put their names on your resume.

Business Training with Industry Experts  learn more

The voice over industry involves many business practices that are not specific to a certain genre but are specific to a voice over career. You need experienced insiders to guide you in building and operating your business efficiently, so you skip the trial-and-error stage.

Our team includes experts in marketing, home-studio construction and operation, invoicing etiquette and rates, auditioning, and more.

Great news!

  • Most coaches offer evaluations, consultations, & training by telephone and Skype.
  • Or if you live near the coach, work with them at their studio.

3 Methods of Voice Over Training

When you work professionally, clients direct you by telephone, Skype, and in-studio. You should get used to all 3 methods with us.

Even if you happen to live near one of our instructors and have voice over training at their studio, we still strongly encourage you to take tele-training and Skype sessions with our other instructors, to best prepare for the real VO world.

In-Studio  learn more

Gaining microphone experience is necessary, and can be accomplished in two ways: One is by emailing recordings to our home-studio experts, - they have the best ears in the business and reply with feedback and suggestions. Thousands of professionals learned this way.

The other is by taking voice over training at the instructor’s studio. Edge Studio has instructors around the country with studios that you are welcome to use.

Tele-Training  learn more

It is very common for clients to hire you to record from your home-studio while they direct you by telephone. Easy for them (they never leave their office), easy for you (you stay in your pajamas!).

In other words, we identify the type of work that you might be right for, and then tailor your voice over training program, matching you with instructors giving you the chance for greater success.

Every instructor on Edge Studio’s team offers tele-training. Remember; as long as they can hear you, they can coach you. (Even when you’re at a studio with a client, they don’t look at you when you read - instead they read along with the script.)

Skype  learn more

Skype is becoming popular in the voice over industry. And most instructors in our team offer Skype-training.

Like tele-training, we highly recommend that you have at least one session via Skype, so you’re ready for clients who request this.

4 Phases of Learning Programs

No two voices and goals are the same. So to reach your targets, every step of your voice over training is personalized.

This is possible because our team’s vast knowledge and expertise covers virtually every segment of the industry. We’re also a prominent voice over production company and have unique resources and experiences, which allow us to continually see current trends, best-practices, and new sources of work.

In other words, we can identify the type of work that you might be right for, and we can tailor your voice over training program and match you with instructors with that in mind.

Phase-1: Get Evaluated  learn more

If you’re new to voice over, we strongly encourage you to have your voice, delivery, and marketability evaluated. If there is potential, you can then be matched to instructors who can most help you succeed.

Two types of evaluation exist: Select either the industry-trusted “Investigate Voice Over Class.” Learn more

Or select a private evaluation with any one of our instructors. Learn more

Fact: Even though many people come to us with unique voices, we “greenlight” only 50% of the people we evaluate for voice over training. The other half we candidly, yet politely, tell to save their money and not train. Fact


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Talk with Edge Studio: 212-868-3343 / training@edgestudio.com.

Most every instructor offers voice over training by telephone and Skype.

Or if you happen to live near an instructor, you can work with them in-studio.

Phase-2: Get Training and a Demo  learn more

Your next step is voice over training and voice over demo recording. However we must “greenlight” you (see Phase-1).

Based on your voice, ability, potential, and interests, we customize your voiceover training program and match you with instructors who fit your needs, location, and most marketable genres. Learn more

Fact: It is extremely important to work with a variety of instructors, as each share different perspectives, experiences, specialties, preparation methods, learning tips, and practice exercises with you - ultimately preparing you for the real VO world. So even if you live near one of our instructors, we still strongly encourage voice over training with other of our instructors via telephone or Skype.


Talk with Edge Studio: 212-868-3343 / training@edgestudio.com.

Phase-3: Get Customers  learn more

Once you’re trained and your demo is complete, it’s time to build-up your business and bring on clients.

To help you, the Phase-3 Program provides 11 different telephone and webinar classes every month, including Marketing, Home-Studio, Business & Money, Performance, and Audition. Learn more

Classes are taught by a variety of instructors. So besides gaining immense knowledge, it’s an opportunity to work with many of the best pros in the industry.


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Or talk with Edge Studio: 212-868-3343 / training@edgestudio.com.

Phase-4: For Pros  learn more

To stay on top of your game (and “top of mind” with your clients), the Phase-4 Program provides 5 different telephone and webinar classes every month, including Marketing, Home-Studio, Business & Money, Advanced Performance, and Advanced Audition. Learn more

Professional voice talent, just like top actors, musicians, tennis players, and doctors, continually expand their careers by working with top-level coaches. This type of training also helps them avoid becoming rusty, complacent, and lost behind advances in their industry.

David Goldberg, owner of Edge Studio and one of the most highly praised directors in the country, along with various other leading coaches and voice over experts teach these clinics.


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Or talk with Edge Studio: 212-868-3343 / training@edgestudio.com.

The Edge Studio team has all the experts and voice over training you need to work professionally.

We turn-away half our potential students because we don’t believe in providing voice over training to someone without potential. This is because we put you first, we strive to maintain our loyalty to the industry, and we regularly cast our students for real VO work, and therefore only want marketable demos to play for our production clients.

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