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(NOTE: If you're an agency or producer needing copywriting assistance, see our notes on writing voice over copy.)

Voice over artists need scripts for practice and demonstration. How many voice over scripts are out there?

Well, let's see... There are 39,000 advertising agencies in the United States alone. Including other marketing companies, that number becomes 117,000. Suppose each of them wrote one radio commercial or online video a month. That would be 1.4 MILLION scripts! Almost all of them requiring voice talent.

And, considering that broadcast commercials are only 5% of the voice over business, and how many other types of companies there are, many originating communications in-house... it boggles the mind.

Get 6,738 Free voice over scripts!

Frankly, we haven't analyzed this to the point that we stand firmly on that calculation. But from Edge Studio's perspective as a premier voice production and training facility, we can attest that, for many reasons, the voice over field continues to grow, and the need for voice over talent is booming.

And that's a lot of material for voice over scripts.

How to find sample scripts for practice and style

It’s easy: Record radio and television commercials, documentaries or existing recordings in whatever other genre you are working in. Ignore the visuals. Type up the audio and study it. You won't need to type up anywhere near the 6,738 free voice over scripts provided on our website to get a sense of what production client are asking to see and hear these days. And speaking of seeing and hearing...

At EdgeStudio.com, we have more than 6,738 sample voice over scripts, of all kinds, for use by voice over artists.

We don't recommend using them for your demo, because other people might, too. But these sample voice over scripts are great for daily practice. You can even hear them read by other users, so you can offer constructive feedback. And you can submit your own recordings, too.

These scripts also serve as excellent examples to emulate when writing your own demo scripts.

How to write voice over demo scripts

Begin with a script in your genre. It is perfectly fine to copy the tone, the tempo, the concept, and even (generally) the subject matter. Change the name of the advertiser and a few words here and there. But don’t stop there or casting people will notice the similarity. Swap in a different benefit, with its different "reasons-why," change the sentence order, ad lib a thought or two, and your voice over scripts start to take on personalities of their own.

Write full, tight scripts. In your demo, you'll include only part of each, but your emotional involvement will be greater if you record substantially more than you will actually use.

How to read voice over scripts.

To learn how to read voice over scripts in a professional and enjoyable manner, contact Edge Studio at 212-868-EDGE. A large number of agencies, companies and producers come to us for friendly assistance and excellent production.

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