Why We're Unique

Guess what we're not equipped with?

A cookie cutter! We organize and oversee the International team of Voice Over Experts, so no matter where you live or what your voice over needs are, we match you with instructors who customize your learning experience to fit you.

Our Unique Methods & Benefits

  • Through it all, Edge puts students first. We see ourselves as a business ally, working behind the scenes toward a successful outcome for each of our students.
  • Although we make it simple for you -- and fun -- a lot of work goes on here behind the scenes.
  • We continually invest heavily in the growth and development of our students -- because the quality of our students is critical to our success as both a learning facility and as a very active, real-world audio production studio.
  • We oversee an international team of the most recognized VO instructors and performers, spanning the full array of voice over genres, such as audiobook, cartoon, eLearning, commercial, etc.
  • Customized learning plans -- Our team of coaches literally collaborate -- reviewing your progress and pooling their resources and expertise, in order to plan and deliver a learning program tailored for you. The result is the most practical and genre-specific training anywhere, respected and used by the most recognized names in the business.
  • Honesty -- If you don't have potential to succeed in voice over, we'll tell you ... and we'll tell you why, in a straightforward but constructive way.
  • Edge Studio is a real, diversified voice production facility. We work for and with many of the best known companies and talent. So when we say we also hire many of the students we train, that attests to the high quality of our results.
  • Practical, candid, yet constructive guidance, every step of the way.
  • Incredible selection of classes, taught by a diverse group of talented coaches who welcome questions.
  • Everybody gets plenty of meaningful time at the mic.
  • Questions are welcomed. Everyone gets intelligent, usable answers.
  • Hands-on training. Learn in real-world situations, with various producers, varied scripts, and simulated auditions.
  • Learn to sound competitive on your own, without digital enhancement.
  • Learn technical and voice-over business skills, from pros who use those skills every day.
  • Lifetime guidance and support included in our voice over programs.
  • Reasonable prices, with training a la carte or in even more economical programs.
  • Through it all, we put students first. We see ourselves as not just a coach, or collection of coaches, but as a business ally, working behind the scenes toward a successful outcome for each of our students.
  • The sum of everything here means that, at Edge Studio, you don't just receive training. You gain real experience, specifically right for you. When you've learned from our instructors and performed, you'll be truly ready for success in the voice over industry.

How to Reach Us

Call us 888-321-3343
Email us training@edgestudio.com

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