What people found most eye opening

When we asked people what they found most eye-opening from the Investigate Voice Over Class, they said:

  • My own ability to adjust after receiving direction.
  • The amount of work that isn't commercial.
  • It's really encouraging that there is work even without an agent.
  • There are so many different aspects than I had thought of.
  • How many specialized coaches there are at Edge.
  • Technique terms.
  • Information about the industry as a whole.
  • How much I learned by hearing others read the same script.
  • Keeping your audience in mind/not just reading the copy.
  • Different genres.
  • Hearing the different takes or approach of other students.
  • Getting the feedback from everyone.
  • Everything was interesting since I didn't know anything going into the class.
  • Love how positive the class was in terms of if you do these things and put in the work, then you will succeed.

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