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Accent and Dialect Elimination and Acquisition

Resources to help you gain or eliminate accents or dialects.

Audiobook Directories

Publishing companies record audiobooks and hire numerous voice over actors.

Dictionaries, Pronunciation, & Mispronunciation

Tools for voice-over artists

Educational Company Directories

Want to record educational toys, videos, kids’ games, and talking toys? From interactive to Internet voice over work, this is a huge sector of our industry.


Voice over and industry events are a great and important way to market yourself and network.

Film and Video

From documentaries to video to film, these studios hire and record voice-over artists.

Forums and Groups

Directories, unions, and other voice over related organizations can help lead voice actors to work.

Home Studio

Helpful resources for voice actors working with home studio equiptment including ISDN and voice over microphones.


Useful tools to promote your voice over business.

News and Resources

These sites are jam packed with useful information relating to the voice over industry.

On-Camera Commercial Training

Resources for voice over actors also interested in on-camera work.

Online & Pay-To-Play Casting Sites

Voice over work can be found on the Internet! Here's where to look.

Radio Station Directories

While DJs (disc jockeys) narrate most spots at radio stations, stations sometimes hire outside talent. This may be because none of the staff disc jockeys have the required voice-type for a particular recording, or the station wants to impress a client with a particularly unique and/or national style, or the station simply wants more variety.

Recording studios

Contact audio-recording, production, and post-production studios that record and/or produce voice-over jobs (some studios provide only music-recording services).

Talent Agent and Casting Directories

Voice over talent agencies, casting directors, and representatives get narrators work.

TV and Cable Station Directories

Want to get commercial voice over work? Use these directories to find jobs.


Here are the main voice over unions.

Volunteer Work: Blind and Visually Impaired

Numerous organizations exist for the blind and visually impaired, and most of them require volunteers to read books, newspapers, magazines, instructional manuals, and more.

Volunteer Work: Children & Schools

Many schools accept volunteers to read for children.

Volunteer Work: Libraries

Just about every library offers reading for the blind. A few major libraries pay voice-over artists for this reading, but the pay is quite low.

Volunteer Work: Non-Profit Organizations

Many non-profit organizations would be thrilled to have volunteers provide voice over work for various projects

Volunteer Work: Radio stations

Most cities have at least one radio station that offers programs for the blind. Some may require you to work in their facility, but some might be able to work remotely.

Volunteer Work: Senior Communities

Many senior communities accept volunteers to read to the residents.

Website Resources

Companies that cater to voice over talent's websites.

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